The Tise Team 💪

@eirik founded Tise with @axel during his time at NTNU in Trondheim as he felt the need to increase incentives for young people to sell second hand and stay sustainable 🌳. He did the design and coded the first version of the iOS app. @eirik has previously been the CEO of the Fashion Brand Ted Henks & Eric 👔
@axel founded Tise with @eirik during his time at Industrial Economics at NTNU in Trondheim 🎓. He has developed the backend solution and the Android app, and strives to make the user experience more engaging by analysing and finding the right metrics and engagement tools🤖@axel loves his job😀
@jennyskavlan invested and joined Tise as Creative Director in March 2016. Jenny is an actor, tv-host, designer and author with a passion for reuse and redesign 👯. She has authored two books about reusing old clothes 📚 and is very present in social media where she is sharing reuse inspiration. She has a unique experience in brand-building 😎
@nicolefalciani joined Tise as a creative director for our launch in Sweden 🇸🇪. Nicole is a blogger and Youtuber, with a huge passion for fashion and travelling 🛩. Besides being one of Sweden's biggest influencers, she is an entrepreneur and model 💁. Needless ot say, she is a true fashionista and inspirer 🌟.
@rolv is an important part of the team. January 2016 he invested and joined Tise as the Chairman of the board 👑. He has extensive strategic and digital experiece, and has been the CEO of Telenor Digital, CTO of Telenor Norge 📱 and responsible for Telenor's investments in classifieds in the Asian markets 🎎.
@gjermundsen joined the team as a Marketing Manager in June 2016 🌻. She comes to Tise with multifaceted experience in digital marketing, design, and marketing communications 🙋. Amongst other responsibilities, Karoline was a designer at Norwegian women's magazine KK 🖌.
@tbruun joined Tise in September 2016 after "connecting people" for three years in Thomas eats JavaScript for breakfast and cookies for dessert 🍪, and as Tech lead he has a special focus on our backend and iOS platforms. Just like Axel and Eirik, Thomas graduated from NTNU 🤓.
@annadh joined in September 2017 as Head of Business Development 💡 Anna has 10 years of experience from Telenor 📱where she had various roles. She has worked with partnerships and investments and was part of starting the shopping destination service Villoid. Anna loves ❤️ meeting new people and gets lots of energy through yoga 🤸‍♀️
@emmamartine joined the team as Community Manager in June 2017 after being an intern in Tise for 8 months🌟 Emma graduated from Høyskolen Kristiania with a bachelor degree in marketing and brand management in 2017🎓 She loves the Tise-users and are always striving to make the Tise familiy the best family💚
@oscarapeland joined Tise in November 2016 after working as a consultant with experience from making dozens of apps. As a programmer he focuses on our iOS platform, always modernizing the code and adding cool new features🌟. Oscar loves his job, and have no problem working day and night with Red Bull by his side 🤓 💪.
@jongr joined in October 2015 as Tise's angel investor 💰. Part of his deal was to help @eirik and @axel with business development once a week. However, after just 2 weeks he found it so rewarding that he started working full-time with the project. Jon has 25 years of experience from the media industry 📺, and has amongst other been the CEO of TV2 Zebra.
@tony_jansson joined Tise in April 2015 after building the largest networks of Facebook buy/sell groups in the world 🏆. They now have more than 250 000 members in total, and have given Tony more than 10 years of varied experience in community building and customer support💬. If you reach out to us on email or Facebook, chances are good Tony will handle your request.

Board of Advisors 👓

Henrik invested and joined Tise's advisory board in June 2016. Henrik is a partner in Ro Sommernes, and has 25 years of experience with M&A's and other legal aspects in business. Henrik also holds and has held several board positions in Norwegian corporations, and has thorough experience from national and international business.
Stein Erik invested in Tise together with Rolv-Erik in January 2016. Stein Erik hold valuable experience from 27 years in Accenture. He has amongst other held the position of Management Consultancy lead for Accenture Europe, Latin America and Africa. Stein Erik is currently the CEO of software service provider Gture.
Torstein invested and joined the Advisory board in June 2016. He has a diverse experience within the software industry, amongst others from six years as the CEO of Software Innovation and Country Manager with MSN. Torstein hereby brings a solid technical background and managerial experience to the team.
Jie joined the advisory board in January 2016. Jie has 14 years of experience from telecom and IT and has a proven track record in strategy, marketing, sales and delivery. He has been the CEO of Telenor Business Internet Services, Huawei Norway, and is currently the CEO of GoDigitalChina.
@laura joined Tise spring 2016 as an advisor. Laura works as a growth lead in Norselab but helps Tise whenever she can find a spare moment. Laura has previously, amongst other, worked almost 4 years in Google, and has valuable experience from international marketing and sales.

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